Gold and silver

Well done for your hard work this term!

Silver goes to Dan for his hard work and presentation. Silver too to Skye and Matilda for their continued hard work and perseverance. Silver to Cara for her problem solving in maths today!

Gold to Finley for his newspaper. Maybe a career option?

Have a lovely holiday everyone. See you in a week.

Karate lesson 23 February

Dear Parents/Guardians

I hope this message finds you safe and well during this challenging time. My name is Paul Wood and I am the chief instructor for Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts, Oxfordshire’s largest martial arts club. On Tuesday 23rd February we will be providing all the children with a super fun PE lesson via a zoom link, whether they are currently at home or in school. We have a session running at 2:00pm for all the Key Stage 1 children and a session running at 2:30pm for all the Key Stage 2 children. The ID number and password to access the sessions are shown on the attached flyer.

The sessions will include skills based on focus, concentration, stranger awareness and self-defence, all in an energetic and fun format. Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts have, for the health and mental well being of the children, continued to provide fun learning and fitness throughout this pandemic to each and every one of our members and we look forward to bringing our methods to the wider community and sharing this with your children.

We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you on the 23rd February.

Kind regards

Paul Wood

Happy Half Term!

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We made it! What a strange term it has been, and a new learning experience for all of us. Each and every one of you has been brilliant. Your English publishing is looking incredible! Thank you so much for all of your hard work this term, we really appreciate it. We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you.

Have a lovely week next week, with lots of fresh air, laughter and rest. We look forward to seeing you (hopefully) very soon!

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Week 3 silver and gold

6 Ways to Celebrate at the End of a Project | PBLWorks

Hi all, what great work you have been sharing with me this week!

Rubin and Max have moved to silver for the consistent effort they are putting into their work. Isla moved to silver for her Scratch programming work.

Abigail has moved to gold because of her wonderful Science crossword.

Street Tag

Street Tag

Well done everyone on reaching first place in the Street Tag active competition.
This is an amazing achievement! Thank you for being so active.Keep Street Tagging, walking, running or cycling now as we need to remain there!!!!Brilliant news.

Mrs Hewson

Silvers and a Gold!

Teaching Kids To Celebrate Life's Little Moments

Hi there, it’s Friday and I just thought I’d share that some children have sent in work this week that have moved them to Silver!

So well done to Zac for his Likes and Dislikes, Lena for her features of a character description, Jess for Likes and Dislikes, Ollie for his Likes and Dislikes, and Fin for his Likes and Dislikes.

Well done to Lucy – you are my gold this week for consistently returning work which is of a high standard.

January 14th

Pin on Thursday Memes ♡

So, we’re well and truly into the second week of lockdown learning. I must say I have been so impressed with the work that has been handed in – whether on Google Classroom or on the class emails. You have shown that you are being responsible for your learning – well done!!!

Just remember to be kind to yourself too. It is very different working from home just listening to me talk at you rather than our usual class discussions where you get ideas from everyone else and if I feel more explanation is needed, I can give it. It is very different for me too! So, just do your best. If you find something tricky, have a break, do something else and come back to it later. Rewatch the video and see if it makes more sense the second time round. If you are still struggling with it, get in touch via the email or add a comment to the work on Classroom.

This has been such a huge learning curve for us all and there have been / will be times when things don’t go smoothly – as has been evident on my videos, but you know what, it’s what you learn from your mistakes that makes the difference. So my learning point from this week was not to pin myself when I am presenting because the whiteboard writing stays mirrored – I won’t make that mistake again! Nor will I record 12 videos one after the other and then realise that I hadn’t shared my screen so I was just talking at you. So – we’re all learning. Be kind to yourself and celebrate your successes.